Love of Christ Christian Center

Our Vision:

To impact and turn a diverse generation of people, whom we are called to serve and disciple into devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”

We WIN people by providing a place for you to “come just as you are.” There are no perfect people here, only people who are longing for their lives to be real with God.

We BUILD people by preaching and teaching God’s word. We help them to apply and discover God’s personal mission for their lives through Bible-studies and small groups.

We SEND people to fulfill their God given purpose in order to impact the world.

We couldn’t pack all of the great things about this church into WBS, so here’s some other things we think are important.

Demonstrate the Love of Christ to everyone everywhere.

The church should be a real place for real people.

Cultural Relevance
The Bible is God’s eternal truth and should be communicated in a way that is culturally relevant.

Jesus has made it possible for us to radically enjoy a relationship with Him and to enjoy His creation.

Doing Life Together
Taking next steps with God happens best in the context of authentic, loving relationships. People matter to God and they should matter to the church.

Not unrealistic perfection, but bringing your “A-game” to all areas of life honors God and inspires others.

We are not here to promote religion as much as we are promoting a relationship with Jesus.

Next Steps
Taking next steps towards being like Christ in each area of life is normal for every Christ follower.

Attending church regularly is good, but being changed by God is awesome.